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Saint Louis University celebrates with the Department of Science and Technology the National Science and Technology Week 2021: Agham at Teknolohiya, Tugon sa Hamon ng Panahon.




Welcome to the School of Engineering and Architecture

Rigorously trained and creative engineers and architects are vital to achieve a knowledge-based, sustainable future. The SLU School of Engineering and Architecture is a key player in this future.

In collaboration with industry, the school carries out research, training and technology transfer. Our courses at undergraduate and graduate level are developing constantly to reflect our changing environment; offering students and researchers diverse and exciting opportunities to fulfill their study and career ambitions.

SEA Mission - Vision
Four Core Values

“The School of Engineering and Architecture envisions herself as an exemplary educational institution for engineering and architecture dedicated to elevating instructions, research, and extension to a high level of competence and creativity committed to shaping the socio-technical environment founded on Christian values”

Christian Spirit. To train future engineers and architects as professionals guided by the Christian tenets of honesty, service, dedication and deep sense of moral responsibility. 


Competence.  To instill the value for technical competence and ingenuity among the students and faculty to maximize their talents and full potentials in the practice of the engineering and architecture profession.


Creativity. To impart engineering and architectural technology and research skills that will foster innovativeness vital to national progress and development. 


Social Involvement.  To share human, physical and intellectual resources of the engineering and architecture department for community-related extension projects.

In The News
Silnag 2020: Engineering and Architecture Tech Camp
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