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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

What is functional must also be beautiful. The impulse that drives our profession to greatness is this philosophy. It is not merely saying -- it is our way of life.

     To be an Architect is to be part of a tradition of excellence that has and always shall be an integral part of human history. The Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Great Wall, and the Taj Mahal are marvels from antiquity; in the shadow of such majesty towering skyscrapers of glass, concrete and steel lord over the urban horizon. The timeless grandeur of the ancient ages and the indomitable spirit of our modern era are reflected in the creations we bring about; in our drive towards the ideal feats of engineering are perfected, the practical made sublime by the aesthetic.

We architects are artists, and our canvass is the world.

Mission - Vision

The department of Architecture envisions to be a top performing center for education aimed at producing future architects imbibed with Christian Values, and who possess knowledge and skills to meet the growing demands of the global community through innovative concepts and designs responsive to the social need of the times.

Department Objectives

Christian Spirit

Translate the vision-mission of SLU for an enlightened Christian community through sensitive and responsive educational programs

SEA OBE Framework

Program Educational Objectives

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Curriculum Checklist

Extension Programs

Faculty Members

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7th floor

Otto Hahn Building


Update the department with relevant knowledge on re- search and development and conscientiously impart these to the students


Develop dynamic programs and activities aimed at enhancing the full human potential of the individual

Social Involvement

Participate actively in community development programs and socially relevant activities

Community - Oriented Programs

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