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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

We are the civil and geodetic engineers. With wood, stone, brick, concrete and steel we shape the world around us. By our design mountains rise and fall, rivers run freely or not at all, land is taken from the sea or given to it. We are the masters of all that we walk on; we command the earth, and it obeys our will. 

With our hands horizons change. What was once impassable is now bridged; what was once unforgiving now links cities together. Underground, underwater and through rock tunnels are bored; toward the sky towers rise. For man's needs in the world around him is ours to define. 
Beyond all the awe-inspiring skyscrapers, bridges, highways, and homes, one can find the true meaning behind all our efforts; the grandeur and complexity of the structures our ancient colleagues created bear witness to this truth: We build to uplift the human spirit.

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) program is a five-year program that educates students with basic principles of Science in conjunction with mathematical and computational tools used in engineering. 

The BSCE program provides technical skills and knowledge in planning, design, construction, supervision, and maintenance of civil engineering works. Examples of civil engineering works include infrastructures for transportation (roads, railroads, bridges, ports, airports), commerce (shopping malls), education (schools, universities), human settlements (large scale housing projects, water supply, sewage disposal), energy development (power stations, power lines) and agriculture (irrigation, farm drainage).

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Faculty Members

Curriculum Checklist

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Program Educational Objectives

SEA OBE Framework

To develop the research culture of the department for the enhancement of the human welfare and the environment


Instill honesty and impartiality in service so as to uphold the honor and dignity of the Civil/Geodetic profession

Christian Spirit

Department Objectives

The department of Civil and Geodetic Engineering envisions to be a center of excellence for education dedicated to the development of engineers who are honest impartial in service and who possess knowledge and innovative skills for the enhancement of human welfare and the environment.

Mission - Vision


Extension Programs

Community - Oriented Programs

To equip the students with adequate technical knowledge and skills to be globally competitive

Social Involvement

Share the technical resources of the academe in addressing community needs in line with the CE/GE profession

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