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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical  Engineering

Generation. The raw, primal, and turbulent power of nature is harnessed by man. The energy embodied in the force of the wind, the swell of the tides, and the fire of the earth is tamed; with our hands man reaches out into the heavens and brings down the lightning.

Transmission. On steel towers that look to the sky, through cables that cross the land and span the horizon, the energy man now possesses is carried. One can hear a constant, bass-toned hum as the energy travels along; this is the song of power, the song we hear as we ride the lightning.


Distribution. To industries and homes, to small towns and to the metropolitan skyline – to them we deliver the energy we master. For them we subdue the forces of nature; for them we tame the lightning. This we do, to let there be light.

We are the electrical engineers. The power in our hands is our gift to the world.

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) is a 5-year degree program which centers on the generation and utilization of electricity for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Apart from the production of electricity, BS in Electrical Engineering also deals with the development and real-life applications of electrical circuitry, digital systems, electrical equipment, and machine control. 

Mission - Vision

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Faculty Members

Curriculum Checklist

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Program Educational Objectives

SEA OBE Framework


Promote research culture in the department


Provide a well-rounded Christian foundation and environment wherein the students can develop their sense of moral values and social responsibilities as they prepare to embark on their professional career

Christian Spirit

Department Objectives

The department envisions to be a center of excellence for Electrical Engineering education committed to develop a socially involved, globally competitive, and trustworthy electrical engineers who are able to meet the demand of the ever-changing world.

3rd floor

Otto Hahn Building

Instill in the students and faculty the need to update and develop themselves to remain competitive in the ever-changing and advancing field of electrical engineering

Extension Programs

Community - Oriented Programs

Social Involvement

Conduct yearly outreach programs in public elementary and high schools in neighboring towns

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