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Electronics. Communications. Two words that evoke awe even in the most jaded of individuals. Two fields of study that touch all aspects of life as we know it. Part of the name of those who are the masters of technology: the electronics engineers.

​Among all the disciplines we are the youngest, and yet our achievements have made an impact on how the world works today. We have not relaxed in our efforts to innovate, to improve, and to invent; rather, we strive harder to reach new heights – not even the sky becomes a limit. We believe that anything is possible, and, day by day, we prove that this is so.

​What is it that fuels our passion to excel? Technology, everywhere, we apply our knowledge to make life enjoyable for everyone. With technology, we find means toward a better life, not merely as individuals, but as members of a global family. With technology we find that humanity becomes a word truly made manifest, and that we hold the key to the simplest and most satisfying of joys.

​As the masters of technology, we bring the people to the world… and to each other.

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BSECE),  is a 5-year college program which focuses on the conceptualization, design and development of electronic, computer and communication products, systems, services and processes.

In comparison with BS Electrical Engineering, which deals with the general aspect of design and development of electrical equipment, such as power generators and electric motors, BS Electronics and Communication Engineering is a branch of Electrical Engineering which focuses on the study of design and development of Electronic equipment such as semiconductors and transmitters to be use in distant communications.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics  Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

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Faculty Members

Curriculum Checklist

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Program Educational Objectives

SEA OBE Framework

3rd floor

Otto Hahn Building

Promote research culture among its faculty, staff and students opening new horizons of knowledge that require suitable application  of  their  potentials  and  capabilities  in  response  to  the needs of contemporary society


To fan aflame the Christian spirit through the practice of honesty and integrity among its faculty, staff and students

Christian Spirit

Department Objectives

The department envisions to be a center of excellence for Electronics Engineering education dedicated to provide its student Christian values and quality education capable of coping with the demands of technological advancement and the challenges of society.

Mission - Vision

Extension Programs

Community - Oriented Programs


Promote academic excellence by upgrading the proficiency of the faculty, staff and students through continuous professional education

Social Involvement

Be dynamic and accessible instrument in providing extension services to contemporary society through research and linkages with other institutions

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