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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Industrial       Engineering

There is no machine more beautiful than the human body. There is nothing more inspiring than watching the precision of physical motion, the grace that is absent in even the most powerful of man’s creations. Neither can the most complex of computers aspire to duplicate the human intellect no amount of circuitry can capture the grandeur of the human spirit.

We are the select few whose efforts make man’s work effortless. We constantly look for a better way to do things, to use machines, to employ skills. Our efforts ensure the comfort and safety of the workforce; the knowledge we acquire becomes the benchmark for the standards that guide all industry. We are never satisfied in our pursuit of excellence, and we are unwavering in our march to our goal – for man’s handiwork to be as close to the perfection that he is. We bridge the gap between technology and humanity.

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) is a five year degree program designed to prepare students for becoming professional Industrial Engineers. The BS in Industrial Engineering program is a combination of three disciplines: mathematics, physical sciences and engineering sciences. Students are provided with knowledge and skills needed for designing, installing, managing and maintaining production/manufacturing systems. They are also taught techniques of how to transform resources into useful goods and services.

Mission - Vision

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Faculty Members

Curriculum Checklist

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Program Educational Objectives

SEA OBE Framework

Strengthen the research capability of the faculty and come up with industry-based research outputs.

To initiate innovative and more creative methods of instruction adaptive to the challenges of modern times.


Enhance and strengthen in the faculty and students moral values such as honesty and integrity in the spirit of Christian service

Christian Spirit

Department Objectives

The department envisions to be a premier center for Industrial Engineering that provides quality education to students and expertise to the industry and community through empowered, committed, dedicated,  highly-driven,  and  research-oriented faculty.

6th floor

Otto Hahn Building


Provide quality education to the students and equip them with the necessary technical know-how and skills to face the highly competitive world

Extension Programs

Community - Oriented Programs

Social Involvement

Strengthen linkages through outreach programs that are beneficial to both the community and the industry

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