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Bachelor of Science in Mining       Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering program (BSEM) is a five year course that provides knowledge and skills in the theories and concepts of mining, mineral resource development operation and management, government service in mining and mine environment enhancement services. The program also trains students in mining research and development. The BSEM program prepares graduates for jobs in the mining industry, as well as for industrial management and administrative positions.

Mission - Vision

The department envisions to be a center of excellence for Mining Engineering producing technically competent, socially responsible, environmentally sensitive mining engineers who will satisfy the future needs of the global society.

Department Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Christian Spirit

Infuse Christian values in developing and applying technical knowledge and skills with consciousness of quality service

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Faculty Members

Curriculum Checklist

Program Outcomes & its Performance Indicators 

Program Educational Objectives

SEA OBE Framework

4th floor (H400B)

Otto Hahn Building

Promote awareness and understanding of professional obligations to protect human welfare and the environment side by side cooperating with the mining industries

Social Involvement

Achieve educational experience with interdisciplinary code displaying teamwork and to effectively make sound decisions and innovative solutions to contemporary issues


Hone the students’ approach on the analysis and design of mining-related engineering projects for a life-long learning


Extension Programs

Community - Oriented Programs

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