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LEARNING THROUGH DOING: Giving Importance to Hands-on Science

Department of Chemical Engineering

The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers —  Junior Saint Louis University Chapter (PICHE-JSLUC), a co-curricular organization for students under the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department, have come up with a Community Service Project that revitalizes SLU’s commitment to society, and uses the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their course and applying them. After thorough brainstorming among PICHE officers and faculty adviser, consultations and needs assessment, the organization have come up with the Community Service Project entitled LEARNING THROUGH DOING: Giving Importance to Hands-on Science with the main objective of giving ways for high school students to better understand and appreciate Chemistry and Applied Science in general by giving assistance to the chosen target group in terms of fully utilizing their available chemistry laboratory apparatuses and equipment. The project was held in Baguio City National Highschool last April 5, 2019.

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