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ECE Program Extension Activities

Department of Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering program of the School of Engineering and Architecture administers various extension services to Electronics Engineers in the form of lectures and participation in paper presentations whose aim is to impart new ideas or new facets of an old idea relating to the field of Electronics Engineering. Faculty members with completed researches that are aligned with the theme of an organizing entity are given the chance to present their paper in conventions.  Faculty members with excellent knowledge on a particular topic are appointed to give lectures to Electronics Engineers in the industry should the need arise.


ECE Faculty Members conducted lectures locally.  Engr. Joe Arthur Agustin was tapped to conduct a lecture series from April 2016 to June 2016 on relevant topics in electronics and computer systems for engineers and IT analysts at Texas Instruments Baguio Branch. Engr. Janry Garcia who is the current Extension Coordinator of the Electronics Department conducted a lecture last July 26, 2018 and facilitated a forum on the current community service endeavor of the Department E-Waste Management that is to be integrated to the existing Solid Waste Management Program of Baguio City.  The participants were LGU officials along with some barangay constituents, government officials, and an engineer from the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB).  Engr. Garcia also conducted a talk last October 6, 2018 addressed to the graduate students of Electronics Engineering regarding the current outreach project of the SLU-ECE Department.  This activity was done during the Extension Program Week of the School with the aim to inform ECE postgraduate students about the current social involvement of the ECE Department as an application of what is being discussed in the classroom and as part of its corporate social responsibility.  


Several paper presentations by ECE Program Faculty have already been conducted in different venues as a means of enriching the knowledge of fellow professionals on the recent developments and Louisian research outputs pertaining to the Electronics Engineering. The following table summarizes the most recent paper presentation.

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