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IE Program Extension Activities

Department of Industrial Engineering


On March 2018,  Engr. Michelle C. Adiwang rendered a leadership training and workshop to a group of leaders and manager entitled “Enhancing Leadership and Motivation” at Agility Global Integrated Logistics in Moog Inc at Loakan, Baguio City.  Participants of this workshop were Industrial Engineers, other professionals, and operators. The objective of this seminar is to redefine and enhance leadership roles among team leaders and managers to create breakthroughs in motivating oneself and others.   Engr Maria Corazon Ocampo was a resource speaker in the 7th PIIE-NCL Regional Congress “IE360: We Revolve the World” on January 28, 2017 which  was attended by IE students and faculty from different schools in Northern and Central Luzon. Engr Ocampo also gave a seminar-workshop on Operations Management in Texas Instruments Inc. at Loakan Rd, Baguio City from June 28 to 29,2017 which was attended by engineers and supervisors of different departments of the company. Engr Maria Lourdes A. Bibit-Chee together with her students presented the results of their research entitled “Application of Six Sigma Methodology on Reducing Scrap” in May 2017 at MOOG Controls Corporation at Loakan Road, Baguio City which was attended by department managers of the company.


In addition,  Engr Geraldine G. Nerona presented two papers at the Philippine Association of Engineering Schools of the Philippines one in October 23, 2015 with the title of “Effectiveness of the Lecture method and Modular-Aided Approach on the Performance of Students in Analytic” and another paper in October 26, 2017 with the title  “Enhancing Students’ Lifelong Learning Skills Through Collaborative Learning Strategies in Various Engineering Courses”  at the PAES International Conference on Engineering Education.   

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