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Leadership and Organization

The organizational chart of SEA is shown in Figure 1. Each Program is represented by the program department head who is directly reporting to the dean of the school. The school dean reports to the vice president for academic affairs (VPAA). By alignment, the vice-president for academic affairs is the starting point of all policies and sources of action plans while the school deans are the frontline of communications and memos from the VPAA.

Organizational Chart.jpg

     The program department head is the lead person for implementation of whatever policy or source of action from the VPAA or school dean. The program department head has direct control and supervision of all faculty members and laboratory technicians. He is responsible for the planning, organizing, administration and supervision of the department. The tasks of a program department head includes:

                a) Preparation of subject offering per semester;

                b) Load preparation and revision of loads for faculty members;

                c) Curriculum Monitoring;

                d) all job descriptions that are or maybe related to academics, finance, management, physical facilities, audit, property   

                     custodian, student concerns.​​

     For an effective administration of academic administrative matters in each department, among the duties and responsibilities of a department head are: align the programs and activities of the department in accordance with the school’s objective, policies and programs; initiates and implements programs at the department level on the development of instructional capabilities of faculty members, fostering academic inquiry and research in the subject areas under his department among students and faculty members, regular review and updating of academic programs and course syllabi, regular academic dialogue with  and among faculty members and students and provide effective linkages between the department and with professional associations and with industry.

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