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     Saint Louis University is cognizant of the imperatives of establishing linkages with other institutions both private and public as one of its internationalization strategies. Alongside these academic initiatives, it has forged and will continue to enter into consortia agreements with local, regional, national and international government and private institutions to further its student-exchange, research and community extension agenda.


     SLU believes that linkages can help achieve its vision of improving research capabilities and providing academic leadership and innovations in terms of programs, curriculum development, and instructional methodology in the region.


     SLU acknowledges that consortia arrangements with other recognized educational institutions of higher learning would enable the university to benchmark its capabilities against national and international standards and acquire the necessary tools to uplift its status as the region's provider of top quality professionals.

International Linkages

International Linkages is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with foreign institutions.  It promotes academic collaboration with foreign universities in the form of student and faculty and student exchange, joint research, exchange of publication, sponsorship of conference and other academic activities. The linkages office is engaged in the initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring of linkage activities.

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Local Linkages

Saint Louis University is expected to extend its resources to other local universities and colleges and other agencies. To enhance the quality of education in the country, most of these agreements cover lending of SLU faculty to teach in the partner institution. In some cases, SLU also assists in the development of curricula and/or capability-building through training programs. Private companies are partners of the university in providing support such as student scholarships and professorial chairs.

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Industry-Academe Linkages

Industry-Academe Linkages has been at the forefront in enabling cohesive and responsive programs to address demand-supply challenges of employment. Thus far, various models have been developed and evolved with the cooperation of key industry and trade associations and universities aiming to bridge the gaps of employment mismatch and lack of appropriate skills required from university or engineering and architecture graduates.

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