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sea Mission - vision 

“The School of Engineering and Architecture envisions herself as an exemplary educational institution for engineering and architecture dedicated to elevating instructions, research, and extension to a high level of competence and creativity committed to shaping the socio-technical environment founded on Christian values”

Guided by this vision-mission, the School of Engineering and Architecture shall endeavour to:


  1. Provide its students a collaborative learner-centered environment founded on Christian values and designed to develop a holistic range of competencies to maximize their contribution to the society;

  2. Implement curricular programs that are responsive to the needs and requirements of its constituencies;

  3. Foster creativity by providing a structure designed to perpetuate a culture of research and innovation in response to the needs of the community;

  4. Elevate faculty and staff competencies through globally benchmarked development programs geared towards improved services to its students;

  5. Provide facilities, equipment, materials, and structures beyond minimum requirements to meet the highest standards of student development; and

  6. Practice a system of continuous improvement to ensure growth and relevance in a changing environment.